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Community Planning for Food Security

Communication and research materials to engage with decision makers on food issues.


Facilitation skills are key to increase participation and engagement in meetings, especially virtual meetings. This video series, from Community Food Strategies, offers tips and techniques for effective and fun virtual facilitation. Check out the recorded videos below or visit the Community Food Strategies website for the complete notes, presentation slides, and facilitation tools discussed in

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Resetting the Table: A People’s Food Policy for Canada

The People’s Food Policy is the first ever Canadian food policy to be developed by individuals and organizations within the growing food movement.

10 - Engaging with People with Lived/Living Experience

This guide was written to support poverty-reduction groups to meaningfully engage people with lived/living experience. It celebrates the potential that can be unlocked when these individuals are included and empowered to drive antipoverty work.

Food Security Communications Toolkit

This toolkit, from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, was created to help food security professionals build a communication strategy, and communicate more effectively with the people they are trying to reach.

Measuring the Food Environment in Canada

This report, from Health Canada, talks about the different ways that current research on food environments measures impact.

Provincial Approaches to Food Security: A Scan of Food Security Related Policies in Canada

A Scan of Food Security Related Policies in Canada.

Working with Local Government on Food Policy: A toolkit for civil society

This toolkit is a guide for those who wish to work with local government on food policy. It describes how to navigate the complexities of food policy and local government, focusing on how best to do this work – exploring what to do rather than why.

Thought About Food? A Workbook on Food Security & Influencing Policy

Thought About Food? is intended to provide tools and information to inspire communities to come together and act to make food security a reality for everyone.

Policy on the Rock: Together Reducing Poverty

Bringing together people from the private, public and community sectors as well as people with a lived experience of poverty to hear and discuss how policies affect those living with low income on a daily basis.

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