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Healthy Food Policy

Resources to support and promote healthy eating in your community—whether at school, the office, in recreation, or a shared community space.


Healthy eating policies are a great way to create healthier food environments in your community. This Community Healthy Eating Framework supports municipalities to put healthy eating policy into practice with ideas and resources. A sample food environment assessment form will help you identify key areas to focus on as you move towards creating a healthier

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Putting Health on the Agenda: A Model Policy for Healthy Meetings and Events

Practical tips for healthier snacks, beverages, and meals in the workplace and at events. It includes suggestions for menu planning, catering, and buying local products. Additional advice is given to promote opportunities for physical activity, environmentally friendly habits, and choosing tobacco-free locations. It covers the steps from raising awareness and building partnerships to evaluating your efforts to implement at healthy meeting and event policy.

Healthy Eating School Resources Manual

This manual is meant for school administrators, caterers, parent and community volunteers who are involved in school food planning and delivery. It has checklists, meal planning guides, food safety materials and other information related to healthy eating for students.

School Food Guidelines for School Food Providers

This guide has a collection of important information. From serving sizes and tips for healthy eating and meal preparation, to guidelines for each of the Canada’s Food Guide food groups.

A Guide to Developing a Sustainable Food Purchasing Policy

This guide was made for institutions (universities, colleges, hospitals, etc.), as well as those pushing for food system change, to help create, promote, and put into practice a realistic plan to purchase food from sustainable sources.

Working With Grocers to Support Healthy Eating

This report shows trends that shape the food retail environment, and the purchasing patterns of consumers. It gives a summary of promising steps that can be taken, and have been taken in different Canadian programs, to help show how the food retail environment can support healthy eating. The report also gives suggestions for program development, implementation and evaluation.

Healthy Eating Toolkit for Workplaces, Employer Manual

This resource, from the Region of Waterloo, was made to help employers make their workplace a supportive, healthy environment. It has a number of topics, like: general health information, steps for getting started, and things to keep in mind that are specific to workplaces (like vending machines and workplace events that have food).

Making the Move to Healthy Choices: A Healthy Eating Toolkit for Recreation, Sport and Community Food Service Provider

This resource has been created through the Eat Great and Participate program. It is meant for food service providers in recreation, sport and community facility concessions, canteens, snack bars and special events. Some of the suggestions may also apply to vending machines. This resource also has tips for marketing healthy choices and food safety, and lists some easy to make, healthy recipes.

Eat Great Participate - Community Healthy Eating Guide

How to create a healthier food environment in your community.

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