Local programs and resources for food security in Newfoundland & Labrador.

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School-Based Programs, Curriculum, Activities

Resources to support local and healthy food in classrooms and schools, from K-12 to post secondary campuses.


Food First NL's Listing of School Garden & Local Food Education Resources

A collection of more than 50 links to fact sheets, guidebooks, curriculum activities, and templates for teachers and administrators.

Physical Activities and Healthy Snacks for After School Programs

The package is intended for program facilitators and/or volunteers and includes physical activities
that incorporate education around healthy eating. The activities are geared towards youth aged 9-15
and can be modified for facilities with limited space.

From Garden to Classroom, from MUN Botanical Garden

An easy-to-use tool to help teachers, parents, daycare, or camp organizers to bring the natural world indoors and get kids exploring outside. This resource connects to the NL school curriculum, with applications in K-6 classrooms.

Compost Curriculum Unit, from MUN Botanical Garden 

This curriculum unit has activities to help teachers around the province of Newfoundland and Labrador bring compost into the classroom as a valuable teaching tool. The activities are hands-on and get students to learn through exploration. They can also be used to teach different subjects from across the curriculum.

NLESD School Health Promotion Liaison Consultants

Contact information for the School Health Promotion Liaison Consultant in your area.

Healthy eating at school - Canada's Food Guide

The food choices made at school can have an impact on a child’s overall health. Learn how to plan, prepare and choose healthy school meals and snacks that everyone will enjoy.
This site shows "How to make an impact beyond the lunch box" - Everyone can help improve the school food environment!

Toolkit for Educators - Unlock the Potential of Food with the New Canada Food Guide -2019

From simple suggestions to tricks of the trade, this facilitation guide is intended to be a resource for any and all their community to foster skills around preparing, preserving, and storing local food.

The Garden Guide: Starting a Garden on Campus

This resource, from Meal Exchange, covers a number of important topics for those looking to smart a small garden at their college. It has information on: getting started, finding funding, managing volunteers, and more.

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