Local programs and resources for food security in Newfoundland & Labrador.

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Cooking & Food Preparation

Resources to put safe and nutritious food on your plate. This includes finding local food, meal planning, kitchen skills, and sharing knowledge from Seniors.


Food Safety Tip Sheets

Food Safety Information, Department of Health and Community Services

Seniors' Food Skills

Finding Local Food

Newfoundland & Labrador Farm Guide

The Newfoundland and Labrador Farm Guide gives information on farms across the province. It also covers the rich variety of foods and products that we produce here at home.

10 Ways to Eat Local Food

This fact sheet, from Food First NL lists ten ways people in Newfoundland and Labrador can eat more local food.

NL Local Food Seasonality Chart

This local food seasonality chart, created by Food First NL, has growing information for a wide variety of local produce. It shows when each can be harvested, kept in cold storage, reserved, or when they are simply unavailable.

Meal Planning

Food First NL Seasonal Buy Local Guide

A chart of locally grown, fished, and foraged foods available throughout the year in Newfoundland and Labrador

Food First NL Weekly Meal Planner

This graphic can be printed for use at home.

Health Canada Meal Planning

This resource, from the Government of Canada, offers Canadians some easy ideas for planning meals and snacks. It also has some tips for keeping a well-stocked kitchen, which will allow you to make easy and healthy food choices—even in a pinch!

Health Canada Recipes

This resource, from Health Canada, gives a number of quick and healthy meal ideas—for breakfast, lunch and dinner—that you can use when time is tight.

Resources for informed food choices, Canada's New Food Guide

Nutrition Facts to Help You Make Informed Food Choices

This resource, from Health Canada, explains all of the information you will find in the Nutrition Facts table, and will help you use this information to make healthier food choices.

Understanding a Food Label

This resource, from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, helps explain what information can be found on a food label. This resource covers things like: ingredient lists, allergen declarations, date marking, etc.

Reducing Food Waste / Waste-less Resources

Home Preserving

Home Canning Safety, from Health Canada

Home Bottled Food Pamphlet, Government of NL

How do I freeze?

The National Centre for Home Food Preservation is a place to get up to date, research-based guides for most methods of home food preservation. This resource page has information on freezing a wide variety of foods.

Home Freezing of Seafood

This resource, from the Pacific Northwest Extension Publications, outlines some easy to follow instructions for safely freezing and thawing seafood.

Thinking about your weight? What about your health?

This resource, from the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, encourages you to look at your whole health. This means looking at healthy eating, physical activity, self reflection, and personal care.

Easy, Tasty… Nutritious: Healthy Eating for Healthy Aging

Healthy Eating for Healthy Aging—was created to provide older adults with the important information they need about healthy eating. The guide will help them plan and cook meals that fit with Canada’s Food Guide.

Basic Food Skills, Tips & Resources for Community Food Mentors

From the Mapleton Teaching Kitchen, tips and practices for safety and effectiveness in the kitchen. The tips are useful for anyone—beginners or experts alike—and can be used by community food mentors who are working with others in the kitchen.

Budget Friendly Cooking Tips for Individuals and Groups

Resources for affordable healthy eating, including grocery shopping tips and recipes.

Learn about veggies with this campaign: Veggies from A-Z

The resource, from Half your Plate, has information on all vegetables from A-Z. It includes nutrition facts, serving sizes and purchasing/storage tips for all vegetables.

Extending the Growing Season – Teleconference

Ross Traverse, author of “Ask Ross Traverse About Gardening: Practical Advice for Gardeners in a Cool Climate” and owner and operator of Traverse Gardens in Torbay, NL, speaks about extending the growing season in this teleconference. Ross covers a number of topics, such as: greenhouses, cold frames, hotbeds, soil heating, plastic mulch and row covers, and more.

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